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Snowman Housie: Christmas Theme Tambola

Christmas theme tambola

If you are looking for a Christmas Theme Tambola for your ladies kitty party or for an office Christmas party, this Snowman tambola will definitely allure you. This tambola ticket is designed in a snowman design perfect for a Christmas theme kitty party.


Christmas Theme Tambola Tickets

Christmas theme tambola

These attractive Christmas theme tambola tickets are available for sale and if you are interested, do leave a comment below in the comment box.. The lovely snowman has a black hat and colored ribbon in the neck, fit as dividends. We will provide you the complete tambola ticket with 15 numbers written on each ticket. We can keep the dividends as Hat, Scarf, Tummy of Snowman and the final one as Complete Snowman. You can also keep the Christmas relevant dividend call outs.

These smiling snowman Christmas theme tambola tickets will surely entice your guests and will create a perfect Christmas ambiance in your ladies kitty party or even in an office Christmas party.



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