Simple Makeup Tricks I Use: Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know


I am a big time  party goer and obviously have to look good.As far as makeup is  concerned, I only apply eye liner and lipstick.  You don’t actually need to be a professional makeup artist to get a fabulous makeup. With a few simple yet important makeup tricks, you can look gorgeous and attractive and the best part is that you don’t need to spend hours doing it. These simple makeup tricks can accentuate your features and make you stand out in the crowd.

Simple Makeup Tricks I Use

After applying the lipstick, I hold a tissue over my lips and dust the translucent powder light over the tissue. This trick sets a bold and vibrant lipstick shade and also makes it stay longer. lipstick


While applying mascara I usually hold a spoon or a visiting card over the lashes to avoid the residue coats on my eyelashes. Spoon hugs the eyelashes better than the card though. mascara makeup tricks

When I want a detailed eyeliner, I first draw the outlines and then fill it. It gives a perfectly shaped eyeliner and makes your eyes look bolder and prettier.

eye liner tips
makeup tricks


If you actually want the curled eyelashes, this makeup trick is just for you. Before using the eyelash curler, I blow the hot air on it using my hair dryer. eyelash curlerDoing this help me getting the curled lashes quickly and also it makes the curl stay longer. Make sure the curler is not too much hot, as it may burn the lashes. makeup tricks


I love the cupid’s bow shaped lips but sadly my lips are not that good in shape. This makeup trick help me getting the perfect cupid shaped lips in real time. I first draw a X on my upper lip with a lip liner and then apply the lipstick.

lipstick makeup tricks

lipstick simple makeup tricks 1

Although these simple makeup tricks will help you in looking different and good, but I believe  that the best makeup a woman can wear is the SMILE, so Keep Smiling 🙂


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