5 Best Birthday Party Games For Adults

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Birthday Party Games For Adults. Arranging a birthday party for kids is easy but the most daunting task is to entertain the adults in the birthday party. Are you throwing a birthday party and inviting kids with their parents? If yes then you might surely be looking for some good birthday party games for adults. This post with 5 birthday party games for adults can end up your search.

5 Birthday Party Games For Adults

1. Apple Strife – birthday party games for adults

This is a couple game and hence call both fathers and mothers to play this game together. Keep the apples on a table in the playing area and call the adults to play. Ask the couples to hold an apple between their foreheads. When all of them are ready in pairs with their apple, the host will start giving commands like –

  • Jump a step forward
  • Jump and step backward
  • Walk a step right
  • Walk a step left etc. etc

The pair of  who drops the apple will be out of the game and you will get the winning pair in the end. Apple Strife is a great game to for kids birthday party. You can also play it as an Apple Dance game where the adults in the party have to dance with the apple stuck between their foreheads. If you are playing it with dancing, make sure that you switch the music tempo continuously, like a soft song then suddenly a fast number.  The game continue until all other players drop their balls and are out. Number of player in this game can be 5 to 8 to 10 to 15, as many as you can handle.

2. Candy Cane Relay- birthday party games for adults

This is a nice birthday party games for adults. Bring a few candy canes and put them on table before you start the game. This is again a couple game and parents will play the game together. Explain the game thoroughly before you buzz the whistle. You can make all the teams play simultaneously or one by one. Call the couples in the playing area and start the game. All they have to do is to transfer the candy canes from one table to other without using their hands. The couple who manage to shift the maximum number of candy canes will be the winning parent in the birthday party.

3. Bangles In The Roller Pinsuits (37)

To play the game both the partners should place the cane in their mouth, like a fish hook. Then one parent will hang a candy cane on his hook and transfer it to the candy cane in other partner’s mouth. The wife will then keep the candy cane on the table. It can be a nice add on to your list of birthday party games for adults. 

Call the couples in the party one by one to play this game. This is a one minute game and the couple playing have to put maximum number of bangles in the roller pin in one minute. Both husband and wife will be blindfolded for this game and husband will pass the bangles to wife holding the roller pin behind her back. The wife will then put the bangles in the roller pin. The couple who puts maximum number of bangles in the roller pin will be the winner of the game.

It is a simple game but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box and I will help you out.

4. Burst The Balloonsadult party games

You have to get many balloons bloated for this couple party game. Keep all the balloons on a table and call two members from one team. Give them the time limit of one minute. One of the members will stand facing the wall and the other member will take a balloon and run to burst the balloon on the bums of member standing.

5. Men Get Pregnantbaby shower games

This is one of the funniest birthday party games for adults. Ask all the men in your birthday party to sit on chairs in a row, make sure that they are wearing the shoes with untied laces. Now give one big balloon to all men participating in this game. The men will now insert the inflated balloon in their T-Shirt, and as time starts they will tie their shoe laces and then get up and run with a vegetable basket to the finishing point.

The man who comes first will win this birthday party game. I hope you are getting what I wanna convey. If no, please feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box. I am always here to solve your queries. Moreover, the picture will explain you more.

These were the 5 best birthday party games for adults. Do plan these games in the next birthday party of your child and I can assure you great fun and laughter in your party.


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