Sarojini Nagar Market Comes Online


Sarojini Nagar Online

Read the title?

Stunned? Suprised?

Don’t be sweethearts!

It’s true, the shopper’s heaven, the very famous Sarojini Nagar market of Delhi has now entered the online market and we have yet another reason of not going out for shopping.

If you are a shopper and a fashion enthusiast, you must have heard of the very famous Sarojini Nagar market of Delhi or most of you must have been there many times. I live in Agra and often go to Delhi and on my every visit I make sure that I have at least a few hours for my favorite Sarojini Nagar market.

Reason being, it is one of the best markets to get the cheap priced clothes. Sarojini Nagar market also termed as SN Market is actually a market of surplus clothing and you can get a good top/t-shirt/dress/Kurti etc for as low as 150Rs, but only if you are good at bargaining.

I am a big SN Fan and when I heard about their online portal, I was jumping out of happiness. Of course I was, after all,  it is my favorite market, especially to buy the daily wear cloth items and some unique party stuff too at times. Without wasting a single minute I followed them on their Instagram handle and started my shopping. Below are a few of my very first shopping from the online portal of Sarojini Nagar Online market. 

All the stuff at this online portal starts from 300 and ranges to 500 maximum at Sarojini Nagar Online. Although they are charging a very little more than what we get in the market after bargaining but then again they are saving us from the huge tiring and time taking traffic of Delhi and the best part is that now the girls around the world can buy stuff from famous SN market in just a few clicks.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Instagram to follow OnlineSarojiNagar or check out their website directly and start filling your wardrobe.

I so wish we start getting the yummy-Licious gulgule and kala khatta online too 😛 Greedy Me…heheh





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