रंग बरसे: Kitty Party Holi Tambola Tickets


On many requests, I am sharing a simple yet interesting Kitty Party Holi Tambola Tickets. You just need to get the printouts and write the numbers on the tickets to play this interesting Holi theme tambola game.

Kitty Party Holi Tambola Ticketskitty party holi tambola game

Below is the holi tambola ticket without numbers. You can download and get the printouts at any photo studio nearby and write the numbers as shown in the image above.

These Kitty Party Holi Tambola Tickets are also available for Sale. You can get these tickets for Rs 12 per ticket plus the shipping charges. Do let us know via comments if you want to order these tickets for your upcoming Holi event. Kitty Party Holi Tambola Tickets

The first dividend here is –

  • रंग बरसे भीगे चूनर वाली रंग बरसे- When numbers written on the first line are cut
  • होली आई होली आई देखो होली आई रे- When numbers written on the second line are cut
  • अंग से अंग लगाना सजन हमे ऐसे रंग लगाना- When numbers written on the third line are cut
  • होली आई रे कन्हाई रंग – When numbers written on last line are cut
  • Full House- When all numbers in the ticket are cut.

Check out the game video here



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