Polka Dot Theme Party Ideas : Have Fun With Dots

polka dot theme party

Polka Dot Theme Party is an interesting idea of throwing the party in a different style. Girls and ladies usually love wearing polka dots and so this theme is one of the best suitable themes for the ladies kitty party.

The Invitations for Polka Dot Theme Party

For your polka dot party invitations, buy sheets of polka dot paper from a stationary store. You may also use white invitation cards and make multi-colored polka dot borders on them. Ask the guests to wear polka dot clothing. The wordings can be Wear clothes with dots, big or small We are hosting a dotty party for you all.

Decoration and Dress Code for Polka Dot Theme Party

Use as much polka dot patterns as you can in your party decorations. Put up a sign that says “It’s a Polka Dot Party” near the entrance. Cut medium-sized circles out of coloured paper and tape them on the walls. Hang red and white balloons all over the party hall. Cover the table with a cloth with polka dots all over it. Have polka dot napkins, paper plates, cups, and so forth. For the guests who arrive without polka dot clothes, stick dot stickers on them. Ask your guests to come dressed in polka dotted clothes and get as dotty as they can .

Activities and Games for Polka Dot Theme Party

Polka Dot Theme Tambola :

polka dot theme party

These polka dot tambola tickets are available for sale and if you want to buy theme for your theme party, please leave a comment below in the comment box.

Game-1 This is a paper game. Ask the ladies to write as many circular things as they remember from their kitchen . The answer could be- chapati, laddo, rasgulla, bottle cap, pan, cookies cutter etc etc.

Game-2 Divide the guests in teams and have a ‘dotty’ jewellery completion out of paper. Here the members will get the time limit of one minute to make as many jewellery items as they can with dots.

Game-3 This is also a team game. Divide the guests in teams, give them several cut dots of different colours and ask them to make a painting/card with those dots on a chart paper .

Game-4 Pin the Dot on the Dog : You could draw a Dalmatian and cut out multiple black spots. Have the guests pin the dots on the dog.

Game-5 Musical Dots : Similar to Musical Chairs, keep big cardboard dots of different colours on the floor. Mark one the dot of one particular colouras safe but do not tell it to the guests. When the music stops, eliminate the persons standing on other colored dots one by one .Continue till you have a winner.

Ideas For The Menu For Polka Dot Theme Party

Sticking with the round theme, circle-shaped food is what you will want to serve at your polka dots bash. Consider puffed cheese balls, small pizzas and boiled egg rolls. Set out a tray of your favorite circle-shaped cookies and candies. Bake a round cake, frost it and cover it with dotted candies.



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