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September 17, 2019

Party Ideas

This category includes various Kitty Party Themes and many games and activities based on those kitty themes. Theme based games for kitty party can make any kitty party thrilling and exciting. Check out for the Kitty Party Themes I have included here in this section and do let me know if you find them useful for your kitty party.

one minute game with coins

One Minute Game With Coins

Hello everyone, today I am sharing a new and simple one minute game with coins for ladies kitty party. This is a very simple game and can be played with any age group of ladies. One Minute Game With Coins To play this game with your girlfriends in a kitty party, you need many coins, […]

best tambola games

Tambola Games: Interesting Tambola Tickets On Themes

Tambola is the most common and best mode of entertainment in a ladies kitty party here in India. Gone are the days when we used to play the regular tambola games with the regular tambola tickets and board. Kitty Party Tambola Games Today in this post, I am sharing some of the interesting and theme […]

7 Fun Party Games With Cups You Must Try!

There are hundreds of party games ideas here in my blog and today I am sharing a list of 7 Fun Party Games With Cups. You should try these games in your kitty party, office party or even at a kids birthday party. 7 Fun Party Games With Cups 1] Flip-Flop- Fun Game With Cups This […]

best family reunion games

Best Family Reunion Games: Family Fun Together

Games can turn any of your boring party into an exciting one, be it your ladies kitty party, office party, birthday party or a family reunion party. Everyone is busy in their own world these days and we hardly get time to meet our loved ones, throwing a family reunion party is a wonderful idea […]

election theme kitty party games

Election Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

eElection fever is all in the air and everyone is talking about the elections, political parties, etc, so why not to create an election theme kitty party this month. This would be the most appropriate kitty party theme for this month and if you are considering the same, this post is just for you. Here […]