Paper Party Games : Mindgame With Spellings

pen paper party games adults

This is one of the simplest paper party games though, but it is best suitable for the big group parties where you can’t arrange the one minute playing games. This paper party games can also be arranged in a ladies kitty party or in a teenage birthday party.

Its just a simple jumbled words game where you have to jumble the spellings and get the correct answers.

English paper party games For Big Groups

1. rtwapne – (a city)

2. airblz – (a country)

3. amnos – (profession)

4. olwbe – (body part)

5. aiglcr – (vegetable)

6. ntprhae – (animal)

7. srpage – (fruit)

8. rnsglwite -(sports)

9. iahkasr -(celebrity)

10. iybclec- (transport)

11. Okeyrwn – (City)

12 .. Kasnlria -(Country)

13 .. Rubelmp -(Profession)

14 .. Dikyen -(Part of body)

15 .. Pitlu ……… (Flower)

16 .. Tonpyh ….. (Animal)

Here are the 16 questions and you have some hints with them to solve them easily. Wasn’t that simple. You can copy these questions or you can also download the document below. Whatever suits you.

Answers for the game

Answers To Paper Party Games

  1. rtwapne – (a city)- Antwerp

  2. airblz – (a country)- Brazil 

  3. amnos – (profession)- Mason 

  4. olwbe – (body part)- Elbow 

  5. aiglcr – (vegetable)- Garlic 

  6. ntprhae – (animal)- Panther 

  7. srpage – (fruit)- Grapes 

  8. rnsglwite -(sports)- Wrestling 

  9. iahkasr -(celebrity)- Shakira 

  10. iybclec- (transport)- Bicycle 

  11. Okeyrwn – (City)- New York 

12 .. Kasnlria -(Country)- Sri Lanka 
13 .. Rubelmp -(Profession)- Plumber 
14 .. Dikyen -(Part of body)- Kidney 
15 .. Pitlu ……… (Flower)- Tulip 
16 .. Tonpyh ….. (Animal)- Python

If you have any doubt with this game, do leave a comment below and I will be there to solve your doubt.

Enjoy !

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