Fun Kitty Party Game For Groups – Pass On the Clothes


Funny Party Game For Groups

Whenever I login to my blog, I find many comments asking for some games for groups. This is a fun party game which can best suit as a game for groups. This is one of the party games which can also be played in office parties. It creates great fun when played properly and moreover when executed well. party games for groups

To arrange this party game for groups, all you need is clothes. You can include many clothing items like shirts, pants, caps, ties, skirts, scarves, belts. Make sure that you keep the complete sets in the bag of clothes. For example top-skirt-belt-cap (or) shirt-pant-belt-tie.

How to play this game in groups

First of all make all the kitty members sit in a circle. This game is played more or less like passing the parcel. Start the music and start moving the clothing game among the players sitting in circle. When music stops, the player will take one piece of cloth and put it on.  The player which manages to dress the complete set first will be the winner of this group game.

This party game for groups is also suitable as birthday party games. Kids will definitely enjoy playing this party game.


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