Party Game For Groups – Fruit Salad


Fruit Salad – Funny Party Game For Groups

This is a fun party game for groups and is moreover similar to the very common game Musical Chair. For this game you might need the chairs set randomly in the hall. If possible get the chair in four different colors and if you cannot manage it, you can put the name chits on the chairs with colors written on them.

Keep the chair count according to the members playing the game. For example if you have 20 members you divide them in four fruits like give 5 members name of Banana, Strawberry for 5 members, Guava for 5 members and Apple for rest of 5 members.

With the game start, host will call upon a fruit name loudly and the members with that fruit name will run and take the chair. The one with no chair is out. The host has to say fruit salad 4-6 times in between to call all of the members.

This party game for groups can also be played as the birthday party game.


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