Paper Party Games For Kitty Party: Perfect Written Game For Kitty Party


Paper party games kitty party .ย Presenting another interesting paper party game for ladies kitty party. I know the ladies in India love to watch television and thus they will surely love playing this paper party game in their kitty party. This paper party game is all about the TV commercials and their taglines.

Paper Party Games Kitty Party

paper party games for kitty party

This is a one minute party and your kitty party members will get one minute to fill in all answers in the above question sheet. The paper party game includes the famous taglines of various television advertisements we see daily on our TV sets. It is a very simple to play game and every age women will love playing this game in their kitty party.

You just have to get the copies of the paper party game according to the strength in your kitty party. Distribute the game sheets to everyone and start your stop watch. Snatch the papers from everyone when the time finishes.

You can download the game sheet and the answer sheet from the buttons below.

Click Here to Download Game

Click Here to Download Answers


    • Hey Shweta you are right. When I made the game I didn’t get the answers for question number 23 and 25 so I had to cut them from the game. You can play the game with 23 questions only.

    • Yes my dear friend when I made these questions I was sure that I will get the answers, but I didn’t get whole answers. Download the game sheet I have cut the 2 questions whose answers are missing.

  1. Hi dear
    Thanks for d interactive session.
    Wl u pls mail d answers. As few answers r missing like
    abhi is awesome
    A step beyond future. ..
    Likho india ki nayee pehchaan

    Tripte R Gulunjkar

    • Hello Tripte, thanks for dropping by.
      Abhi is awesome is PEPSI
      Don’t really remember answer for A step beyond future
      Likho India ki Nayee Pehchaan is Rotomac Pen
      However these ads are very old and most of them are also stopped, I can design a similar game for you with some latest running ads. Do let me know if you want me to. Thanks


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