Christmas Party Games : Happy Angling This X-Mas


Christmas Party Games . Santa Clause has his own way of fishing and no Christmas Party can be complete without Santa Clause. So next game in my list of Christmas party games is all about fishing.

Christmas Party Games With Candy Caneschristmas party games 2

Things you need

Few candy canes, strings and a chopstick. Before the game starts, tie a big candy cane with a chopstick using a string. This chopstick will work as the fishing rod. Adjust the other four candy canes on the table as shown in the image above.

The player will hold the so called fishing rod from their mouth and will try to angle the candy canes in the bigger hook. This is not a one minute game exactly but the player will get maximum one minute to angle the candy canes in the hook. When the time starts the player will use the candy cane as a hook and the chop stick as a fishing rod and will try to angle the four small candy canes kept on the edge of a table. The player who manage to to hang all the four canes in the fishing rod in least time will be the winner of this game.

I hope I am clear with the game but the image above will help you understanding the game better. Pls leave a comment below if you like the game or if you have any doubt regarding this game. I am all here to help you making your kitty party a hit.

Merry Christmas


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