Paper Party Games : Navratri Special Written Game

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Paper party games . I am getting many emails and messages for some Navratri special games. Shubh Navratri is starting on October 5, 2013 and thus the ladies who have kitty parties this month are looking for some relevant games for their Navratri Theme Kitty Party. Well Navratri is all about Ma Durga and thus the paper party game that I have prepared for Navratri is based on Ma Durga’s names.

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In our previous kitty parties we have played the paper party games where we have to write maximum names of Ma Durga , but here I have made some changes in this game.

In this paper party game for navratri I have given some meanings of Ma Durga’s names and you have to guess the names. Simple isn’t it! No dear it is not that simple. Check out the image below or download the game sheet and let me know how many names you can guess.

You can download the game sheet below from the ‘Download Game Sheet’ button. You can download the answers sheet from the button ‘Download Answer Sheet’ .

Do let me know if you have any doubts in any games here. I am right here to help you out.

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Enjoy !!



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