Written Party Games : Guess The Toothpaste Brands


Written Party Games. Here is a new and interesting paper party games for your kitty party. You can arrange this game also as paper party game in any of your office party or family gathering. This is a simple yet interesting paper party game and can bring the entertainment quotient high in any kind of party may it be a birthday party, a ladies kitty party or even an office kitty party. You can also play this as a paper party games in your couple kitty party.

Written Party Games In One Minute

paper party games 3This is a one minute party game and the members have to guess the famous toothpaste brands in one minute. Distribute the papers among the members and give them the time of one minute to guess the answers right.

Click Here To Get The Answers

You just have to take the printouts according to the members in your kitty party and you are done. No other homework is needed to play this game in your ladies kitty party.

Hope the game is clear and you liked it. Please leave a comment below as your comments and suggestions value a lot to me.



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