Paper Dragon: One Minute Game Ladies Party

one minute game ladies kitty party

While I am categorizing it as a ladies party game but you can always play it with men or even with kids. The game Paper Dragon is a nice and funny One Minute Game Ladies Party to be played in any kind of parties, may it be a ladies kitty party, an office party, a couple kitty party , a baby shower or even a kids birthday party.

One Minute Game Ladies Party

one minute game ladies kitty party

Things Required

Party paper roll and a stopwatch

How to Play Paper Dragon Party Game
  • Divide your party guests into teams and call one lady from each team to play the game.
  • Give one paper roll to each lady and explain the game
  • The challenge is to unroll the paper roll using both their hands in one minute.
  • The lady who unrolls maximum roll or the lady who takes less time to unroll the entire paper roll will be the winner.

The game is very simple but creates a great fun and laughter when played in a party. Hope I am clear with the game, if you still have any doubts, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box.

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Happy Kittying. 🙂


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