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Organix Moroccan Light Argon Oil: Product Review

organix moroccan argon oil

Organix Moroccan Argon Oil Review. “Ma’am, if this your bad hair day or they are like this always?”.  These were the word of the hair stylist of a renowned salon in our city. I was shocked, no ashamed, no no I was worried to know this. I am a carefree woman and am not into the regular hair or skin care treatments. I have been using henna on my hair for last 6-7 years and now my hairs are awfully dry and unmanageable. Now when I am almost touching the golden 40th year of my life, I better start taking care of my skin and hair.

The hair stylist, after his rude pinpoint, suggested me to use the Moroccan Hair Oil. I bought it on my way to home and been using it for last 2 weeks. Today I will be reviewing the Organix Moroccan Light Argon Oil. I bought it for Rs 725  and loved its nice attractive plastic bottle with a golden cap in the first look.Organix is one of the very popular Indian brands and I am totally in love with this oil in just two weeksOrganix Moroccan Argon Oil

Organix Moroccan Argon Oil Review

organix moroccan argon oil review

  • Organic Moroccan Argon oil is from one of the most renowned Indian brands and is admired for hair that shines with health. More or less this is rightfully termed as the ‘miracle oil’ and is proven to be actually miraculous for Indian hair type. Regular use or Moroccan Oil make it smooth and manageable. Coming with natural extracts from the Argan fruit, which is found in the southwest region of Morocco, this Organic hair oil can be your secret to healthy and shiny tresses. This beneficial oil from the house of
  • The best party about the Organix Moroccan Agron Oil comes from natural extracts of fruit Argon which is commonly found in the southwest region or Morocco. This is a deep penetrating oil and gets into your hair follicles and nourishes each of your hair strands gently. If you are a working woman and have to face the sun often, this is  the best choice for you to save your hair from harmful UV rays.
  • Organix Moroccan Argon Oil reduced the split-ends and nourishes your root tips. It is rich in Omega 3 and brings the benefits of Vitamin E and 8 fatty acids. The perfect formulation of the oil turns your dry and frizzy hair into smooth and shining without leaving them oily. It has a light soothing smell which helps you relaxing your mind and body.

After reading the Organix Moroccan Argon Oil review, if you want to buy it, better check the rates on amazon first. Today amazon is offering 8% discount and free shipping on this product.

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Drawbacks of Organix Moroccan Argon Oil

  • Slightly pricier
  • A bit runny in nature

I have been using this oil for two weeks and noticing a wonderful change in the texture. They are now smoother and easier to manage, even if I let them open on a windy day. Though the price is slightly on the higher side but would still recommend it to my friends having dry and frizzy hair, especially if you are using any chemical based hair colour or henna on your hair.

KGO Rating- 4/5

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