कान्हा की मीरा: One Minute Play Game For Janamashtami


This is a one minute play game for your Janamashtami theme kitty party. You can play it in your couple kitty party as well. This is a fun game and suits best for the kitty party in the month of August.

कान्हा की मीरा: One Minute Play Game For Janamashtami

One Minute Play Game For Janamashtami

Things Required

  • Flowers
  • Needles
  • Thread
  • Idol of Lord Krishna

How To Play

  • Call the ladies and make them stand in a line.
  • Keep the Krishna Idol at a set distance.
  • Give 20 flowers to each member, a needle and a thread.
  • As time starts, all ladies have to make a garland and as they finish making the garland they have to run and put it on the idol.
  • The lady who puts the idol first will be the winner.




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