One Minute Kitty Party Game in English


Today I am sharing a one minute kitty party game in English. In this game, the players have to give answers in words with double letters. This game is also suitable as a teen birthday party game or as an office party game with your colleagues.

One Minute Kitty Party Game in English

One Minute Kitty Party Game in English


Things required

  • Game sheet
  • Pens
  • Stopwatch

How to play this One Minute Kitty Party Game in English


  • Download the game sheet above and get it printed according to your kitty party strength.
  • This is a one minute game and thus, members will get a minute to win the challenge.
  • The challenge here is to write the answers with words having double letters.
  • The player who gets maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner.

Check the answers below

  • A number- Three
  • Way to show love- Kiss
  • Unit of power- Watt
  • Go green- Tree
  • A crime-Kill
  • A dance form- Jazz
  • A kitchen- Mess
  • 64 blacks and whites- Chess
  • Rupee coffee
  • Body Art- Tattoo
  • Charges- Fee, tariff
  • Giant woody grass- Bamboo
  • Moderately Cold- Chill
  • Sound of snake- Hiss
  • Executive Officer- Boss
  • A body part- Knee
  • To Shout- Yell
  • An item in Kitchen- Ghee
  • Odor or scent- Smell



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