No-Hands Apple Eating Challenge| Kitty Party Games


This is a nice, simple yet interesting party game best suitable for the ladies kitty party, office party or a birthday party. To play this game you need apple and nothing else. You can also play it as a one-minute party game and decide like the one who eats maximum amount of apple in one minute will be the winner.

No-Hands Apple Eating Challenge


Pic Course: Youtube

How to play the no hands apple challenge

  • To play this game you need to call members individually.
  • You can also make all of the members play the game together.
  • The challenge here is to eat  the  apple without using hands.
  • The member who eats the apple first will be the winner.
  • If you want to keep it as a one-minute kitty party game, you can decide the winner as the member who eats the maximum amount of apple in one minute will be the winner.

I hope the game is clear to you all and if you have any kind of doubt, please leave a comment below in the comment box. I am right here to solve all your queries and doubts about the kitty party games and challenges.


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