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Caterpillar Game Kitty Party Team Game

Caterpillar Game Kitty Party Team Game

Caterpillar is a nice an interesting Kitty Party Team Game for the teams in your kitty party. You can also play this game in some birthday party as the kids love to play such fun games with laughter.

Caterpillar Game Kitty Party Team Game
Caterpillar Game Kitty Party Team Game

The image above says it all but still if you have any confusion in what the game is and how to play this game, read on.

Things Required

Big sized balloons and nothing else

How to play Caterpillar
team game kitty party

  • Ask all the team members to stand in a row.
  • Give one big sized balloon to each member of the team.
  • They have to inflate the balloon and adjust them in between as shown in the image above.
  • The challenge is to move from one end of the hall to other with balloons adjusted liked this.
  • The team whose balloons fall down loses the game.

This is a very interesting game and brings great laughter in your party for sure. Do try playing this game with kids in some of your birthday parties and let me know how your guests find it.


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  1. Hi shiwangi
    I regularly follow this group and I must say the games are just outstanding for any party.
    This time I need your help to conduct my daughter’s kid and mom Kitty. Suggest some good theme , invites , games etc.
    Or suggest some good games for the theme story club

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