New Year Party Games : Make a Gang and Win


Check out the unique group games for new years eve . The New Year Eve’s party usually have too many guests and thus only group games can work. Adding a new game which suits best for big gatherings. This is one of the best group games for new years eve and suits best for all ages.

Group Games for New Years Eve

group games for new years eve

To arrange this game in your New Years party all you need is music and a mic of course. Make all your guests dance on the music and when the music stops , the host will call out a number like- 3, 4, 8, 10 or any number. The guests will then have to make a group of that many people.

The guests who are not in the group will be out of the game and the music will start again. Then again the music will stop and host will call out a number. The game goes on like this until 2 members are left. There will be two winners in this game. Though it is listed here in category of group games for new years eve but you can also add it into the list of children games for parties.

The game is simple as well as interesting to be played in your New Year Eve party or any other parties, may it be an office party, ladies kitty party, dance party, teenage sleepover party.

I hope I am clear enough with the game here. If you have any doubt about this game, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box. I am here to solve all your queries about the kitty party games and other party games. Do add this game in your list of group games for new years eve this year and let me know if your friends and guests liked it or not.

Have fun.



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