New Year Eve Party Games : Flip The Glass


This is one of the best New Year Eve Party Games . When we are talking about the New Year Eve Party all that comes into our mind is booze, fun, games, dance, music and fun. Here is another fun game for your New Year Eve Party. This is an individual game and you have to call the member one by one to play this game.

New Year Eve Party Games

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I am categorizing it as one of the best New Year Eve Party Games just because it is very simple game and can be played easily in the ladies kitty party or even in new year party with kids. All you need for this game are a few plastic glasses and a beer bottle. You can however arrange two or three tables also if you want to call more members at a time. If you are arranging as a children games for parties, make sure you change the beer bottle to a ketchup bottle or may be a soft drink bottle. Also reduce the distance of glasses and increase the number of chances for kids in party.

There won’t be a time limit in this game but the players will get 10 chances to win. Every player will get ten glasses to play the game and they have to flip the glass from the corner of table such that it flips and hooks on the beer bottle. The images above can make the game clear.

If you still have any kind of doubt in this game or any other New Year Eve Party Games you can leave your comment below in the comment box. I am here to help you out. Plan this game as your New Year Eve Party Games this year and do let me know if your friends liked it.


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