New Diwali Kitty Party Games 2018


While all of are now bored of the traditional theme kitty parties and the games, we still need some games for our Diwlai party. Be it your Diwali theme kitty party or the society celebration of Diwali, you always need some game ideas to entertain your guests.

Honestly, I don’t have many new ideas for the Diwali kitty party, I still have tried to make a list of New Diwali Kitty Party Games 2018.

Candle lit Swastik-

In this game, you need many coins and candles. The challenge for the players here is to make the Swastik with the coins and place one candle in the central coin. The team or the member who makes the maximum number of swastik with the candle standing in the center will win the game.

Diya Diwali

The regular small size diyas you need to play this game in your Diwali theme kitty party 2018. Before you start the game, write the HAPPY DIWALI initials on the back side of all deepaks and keep them on the table. Now the challenge for the members is to find the correct initials on the deepaks/diyas and write HAPPY DIWALI on the table. The member of the team who writes the maximum number of times in one minute will be the winner. Watch the video below to know more about this game.

Money Deepak

Deepak and Coins both are very important in Diwali and thus we have created this game for your Diwali theme kitty party. In this game, you need the small size Deepak and the coins. The challenge for the members if to balance the coins on the edges of the deepak in one minute. We have earlier played this game with the glass but since it is Diwali, we will play this game with the diya. The member or the team who does that in maximum number in one minute will be the winner of course.

Blow the candle

We have been playing the games of lighting the candles in Diwali kitty parties, so this year we will play the blowing game. In this game, you need candles and balloons. The challenge for the members is to blow out the lit candles with the air in balloon. The rule here is that they can fill the air in balloon only once.




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