Look Stylish In Simple Ladies Top


No matter how much short dress, long dress or Indian wear we have, one thing which is the most commonly required outfit is the top. This is one of the most comfortable outfits to be worn out for your college, shopping, evening outings, dates or even for the disco party. You can style your tops with denim, trousers, and skirts too from the new arrivals that keep arriving on the online shopping sites. 

The best part is that women/girls of all sizes can wear this. A variety of ladies top is now available for all sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. Thus you do not need to worry about your size anymore.

How to Style A Top

Jeans and Top – This is the most common attire of Indian women/girls today. Apart from being very comfortable, this looks equally stylish and chic too. While a pair of jeans and a top is already stylish, with some extra effort you can make it even more stylish and chic. You can add that extra oomph to your regular jeans top with some accessories. 

Long Skirt – Long skirts are so much in trend these days. Just pair a suitable top with the skirt and you are good to go. Be it your college, party or just a regular day outing a long skirt with a top is just the best. 

Short Pencil Skirt – A loose top with a tight pencil skirt is also a great idea to look stylish and chic. You can take the pencil skirt of knee-length or even shorter as per your own suitability. 

Short Flair Skirt – Flair skirts are just the perfect piece of attire for the plus size girls as it is tight from your waist area giving your waistline a shape and loose from the tummy and hips area hiding all your flabs. So, pairing your top with a floral or plain flairy skirt is also a great idea. 

Scarf – First thing which comes into my mind while styling jeans top/skirt top is the scarf. I have a good collection of scarves for both summers and winters. In winters you need the woollen scarf while for summers you can use the cotton and mulmul scarfs to style your outfit.

Boots – Long boots or even the ankle boots can give that extra oomph to your regular jeans top. Just make sure that the colour of boots you choose goes well with your denim. For example, with the black denim you can pair the grey boots or brown boots and with your blue jeans, you can style the black boots very well.

Jackets – Jackets are no more the winters thing. There are many designer cotton shrugs and jackets now available in the market to style your regular top. Be it with the jeans or skirt, a smart jacket can just spruce up your look. 

Accessories – No matter what outfit you are wearing, accessorizing it properly is very important to look stylish. There is a myth that accessories essentially means jewellery items. With accessories I mean, the sunglasses, bags, neck pieces, headbands, watch etc. Make sure you use the correct accessories for your outfits, otherwise it may actually take away the charm of your good outfit too.

So, next time if someone says, wearing a top is too casual, show them your style statement and rock the show. 


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