“Navratri Kitty Party Fun: 13 Exciting Couple Games to Elevate the Festive Spirit!”


Navratri kitty parties are a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to come together, celebrate the festival, and enjoy some fun games and activities. Here are some couple games you can incorporate into your Navratri kitty party:

  1. Dandiya Dance-Off: Arrange for dandiya sticks and hold a dance-off competition. Couples can showcase their dandiya dancing skills. You can have judges or let the audience decide the winners.
  2. Navratri Quiz: Prepare a quiz with questions related to Navratri, its history, significance, and traditional customs. Couples can compete to see who knows the most about the festival.
  3. Garba Couple Challenge: Organize a Garba dance challenge where couples must dance together. You can have a panel of judges or use applause from the audience to determine the best couple of dancers.
  4. Dress-Up Relay: Create a relay race where each couple must wear traditional Navratri attire, including chaniya choli and turbans. The couple that dresses up the fastest wins.
  5. Navratri Tambola: Customize the traditional game of Tambola (Bingo) with Navratri-related symbols and phrases. You can have small prizes for the winners.
  6. Navratri Karaoke: Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app and have couples sing popular Garba and Dandiya songs. The best singing couple wins a prize.
  7. Guess the Song: Play a snippet of a Navratri song and have couples guess the song title. You can make it a rapid-fire round to add excitement.
  8. Saree Draping Challenge: Provide couples with sarees and have a saree draping competition. The couple that drapes the saree the fastest and neatest wins.
  9. Rangoli Making: Organize a rangoli-making competition where couples create colorful and intricate rangolis. Provide them with colored powders and materials.
  10. Food Tasting Game: Set up a food tasting station with Navratri snacks like sabudana khichdi, kuttu puris, and sweets. Blindfolded couples can taste and guess the dishes.
  11. DIY Aarti Thali Decoration: Provide couples with plain aarti thalis (plates) and craft supplies. They can decorate the thalis with traditional designs. The most creatively decorated thali wins.
  12. Best Dressed Couple: Have a costume competition where couples dress in their best traditional Navratri attire. Award prizes for the best-dressed couple.
  13. Navratri Antakshari: Play a game of Antakshari with Navratri songs. Each couple must sing a song that begins with the last letter of the previous song.                                                                                                                                                                  Remember to have some small prizes or goodies for the winners of each game to make the party even more enjoyable. These games will add a festive and competitive spirit to your Navratri kitty party.


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