Naughty Tambola Game For Ladies Kitty Party

naughty tambola game for ladies kitty party

Naughty Tambola Game For Ladies Kitty Party. This is one of the naughtiest tambola game I have ever played in my kitty party. We recently had our club party with the theme thanda thanda cool cool and the teams names were on fruits names so we got the watermelon team and thus our tambola ticket was in the shape of watermelon.

The naughty tambola game was made of a thick plastic sheet in a circular shape. Each circle had 8 numbers which made the tambola ticket of 16 numbers in total. The two circles were attached by a ribbon to make them look in the shape shown in the image below. naughty tambola game for ladies kitty party

The challenge in this tambola game was that my ticket would be in my friend’s neck and her ticket would be in mine. And, we have to play the tambola game like this only.

The dividend in this naughty tambola game for ladies kitty party were-

  • Ooiii Ma
  • Left dabaya
  • right dabaya
  • Dono dabaye

You can add some more dividends if you want. This is a hilarious tambola game, especially for the ladies kitty party. You can play this game in your couple party also but only if they are comfortable with such naughty games. Watch my video below to know more about this game and also subscribe to my channel to watch more of the game videos.


  1. I didnt get it…who will call.out numbers? What’s dividend? Sorry …but I really love the game need some more basic details too I guess.. what’s tambola? Is it housie?


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