Luck Party Game for Ladies Kitty Party

lucky lady game kitty party

Here is another luck party game for ladies kitty party which you can play with a big groups of ladies. This is a very nice game and is one my favourites too. Below is a small poem which will decide the lucky lady of the evening. However, this game is for some festive season but can also be played in a simple kitty party.

Luck Party Game for Ladies Kitty Partylucky lady game kitty party

How to play

Give a plain paper to each member in your kitty party. Now the host will recite the poem and the kitty members will write their points on their paper according to the things mentioned in the poem. You can either write the poem on a paper or can download the image above, whichever suits you better.

Here is the poem-

Milkar karenge hum ek mazedaar kaam,Hai to yeh ek khel magar iska nahi koi naam. 

Sakhiyo aj manayenge hum karva chauth ki khushiya,Milenege 5 points jisne peheni hai matching jutiya 

Agra heel hain badha lo points 6, gata lo seedhe 10 agar jutiya kaali hain 

Chanchanati payal dilwayengi apko number 9, aur 4 aur bante hain agar apke baal khule ho. 

Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano ramesh babu, dilwayega use yeh 8 jiski maang par yeh saja ho

Milenge 10 number agar apne mangalsutra hai pehena, Aur ghata lo 5 agar nahi hai yeh gehena. 

Mehandi ke milenge alag se 10 number, aur 10 aur jod lo agar 24 se zyada chudiya hain haatho par. 

Kaano mein lambe jhumke ke milenge number 4, Aur kaat lo 2 safety pin ke har baar 

Saree walo ko milenge number 8 (aath), Aur payenge 4 agar matching purse ho saath 

3 number humne rakhe hain lambe nails ke, 3 aur milenge agar saje hai who matching nail paint se 

Khatam ho gayi kavita saari, Jiske ho sabse zyada points aage aajaye sakhi who pyari.

Do let me know if you liked the game. Your comments are highly appreciated.



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