Lohri Party Games : Jewel Up Your Beloved With Popcorns

lohri party games

Lohri Party Games. Do you have any idea what is the game about? Don’t worry I am not playing any game with you. I am anyways going to explain the game to your for your lohri theme kitty party. This is an interesting lohri party game and suits best to your couple kitty party.

Lohri Party Games For Coupleslohri party games

Call the couples in your couple kitty party one by one and give them a bowl of popcorns, needles and thread. This is a two minute game and you can always change the time as it suits you. As the time starts the husband will start making the jewelry with popcorns using the needle and threads. He not just have to make the jewelry but also put that jewelry on his wife. As we all know that husband are not that good at using needle and thread the wife can also help him in making the jewelry but she can’t help him in putting the jewelry pieces on.

You can also arrange this lohri party game in your ladies kitty party and you can call any two ladies from a team at a time to play this game. You can make the necklace, popcorn rings, popcorn bracelets, popcorn anklets etc etc

I hope I am clear with the game and if you still have some doubts you can always leave a comment below in the comment box.

Happy Lohri


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