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September 17, 2019

Funny Kitty Game – Lick the lolly pop

funny kitty game

Funny Kitty Game. If you are looking for a simple yet funny kitty game, your search will end here for sure. I have a nice and funny kitty game for you here. You don’t need to do much of homework for this kitty party game, just gather a few things and have fun with your friends.

Funny Kitty Game With Nuts and Straw

funny kitty game

In this game the player will get three nut bolts, a ping pong ball and a straw. The player has to lower a stack of ping pong ball and the nuts on the upright straw in such a way that the ball stays on the straw and the nuts come down. The time limit is 60 seconds for this game and the player gets three chances to play. funny kitty game

This is a one minute funny kitty game and the player can begin as the host starts the time. Using only one hand, the player has to stand the straw up so that it stands straight without any support. On the table stack three nuts and a ping pong ball. Now the player has to pick up the stack of nuts and ping pong ball and slide it down through the straw so that the ball sits on the top of the straw.

Place the nuts to the bottom so the stack is resting on the table and support the straw. Let go and allow the stack, which resembles a lollipop, to be free-standing.  This funny kitty game is not so simple to play so I suggest you to play it at home before you arrange it in your kitty party or an office party. This kitty game is by no means suitable for kids birthday parties as kids won’t be able to stack the nuts in a straw without any support.

I hope the funny kitty game is clear ans if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me via comment box below.

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