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20 Latest Unique Rangoli Designs Diwali 2016

Diwali 2016 is soon approaching and all of us are busy in cleaning and decorating our homes. Making a Rangoli inside the house and on the entrance door has been a valued Indian tradition since ages. While I already have shared a list of 25 Best Rangoli Designs last Diwali, today I am here with some latest unique rangoli designs Diwali 2016.

Latest Unique Rangoli Designs Diwali 2016

Kalash Rangoli Design
Diwali Rangoli Designs 1

Nice and simple rangoli design with a kalash and a lotus beneath, this design suits almost every Indian festival like Diwali, Onam and more. The Kalash with flowing money shows denotes the wealth.

Butterfly Rangoli Design
Diwali Rangoli Designs 2

While this is a flower rangoli here you can anyways make it with the simple powder Rangoli colors. The butterfly in the center is the point of attraction in this design.

Lotus Rangoli Design
Diwali Rangoli Designs 3

Taken from Rangolidesign.in, this is a nice and bold rangoli design best suitable for the corners of your house. Om and Swastik in the rangoli makes it suitable for all Indian festivals.

Beautiful Flower RangoliDiwali Rangoli Designs 4

Not specifically for diwali festival but can be made for sure. It is a flower rangoli and can be made using the colors too.

Lotus Rangoli For DiwaliDiwali Rangoli Designs 5

This design is again taken from the website Rangolidesign.in. The big bold lotus in the center is enough to catch an eye of our guests in Diwali. The leafy border gives an emphasis to the lotus design.

Simple Readymade Rangoli DesignDiwali Rangoli Designs 6

While this is a readymade rangoli design, you can always make it using the powder rangoli colors. Placing the tealight candles on the rangoli is surely a wonderful idea.

Ganesh Rangoli Deisgn

Diwali Rangoli Designs 7

The modern art Ganesha is the major attraction of this Rangoli design. It is simple to make and the you can make it even more colorful and beautiful with some added creativity of colors.

Peacock Rangoli Design

Diwali Rangoli Designs 8

This design is taken from blissfulstuff.com. The simple and elegant peacock rangoli design is attractive and the diyas around are making it even more graceful.

Kalash Rangoli Design

Diwali Rangoli Designs 9

Not so simple but a nice design to cover a big area. The Kalash and tabla design in the center could have been a bit bigger.

Peacock Rangoli Design For Corners

Diwali Rangoli Designs 10

Not so simple Peacock Rangoli Design suits best to the corners of your house. It is created with a perfect finish which is making it even more beautiful.

Tulip Design RangoliDiwali Rangoli Designs 11

This is a very different rangoli design as we often see the rose and lotus flowers in the Rangoli but here we can see the red gorgeous tulip.

Lady Rangoli DesignDiwali Rangoli Designs 12

One needs to be perfect in drawing to make this beautiful Rangoli this Diwali. Below is a Rangoli design showing the face of a girl and lotus flower in her hand. This seems to be a gracious modern rangoli design. This design is taken from Rangoli.co.in.


Wonderful Rangoli design depicting Goddess Durga in the center and flower around.

Diwali Rangoli Designs 14

This is a simple, elegant and beautiful Rangoli design best suitable for the beginners like me. With the use of minimum colors and simple design its good to give it a try.

latest unique rangoli designs Diwali 2016

This is something very new, innovative and beautiful. This Rangoli design shows the murli or Lord Krishna, a Kalash, flowers and Laxmi Charan. Perfect Rangoli Design for Diwali.

Unique Rangoli Design

Diwali Rangoli Designs 19

What could be the best to end the list of latest unique rangoli designs with a Lord Ganesha Rangoli. The mantra written with the Rangoli is adding a spark to the design. latest unique rangoli designs Diwali 2016

DISCLAIMER: These are not my Rangoli designs, I have taken them from various websites around the web. Just trying to compile a list of best and latest unique rangoli designs Diwali 2016.

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