Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma Theme Kitty Party


We plan a theme we love, and Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma is one of the most popular and loved TV Shows today, so why not to throw a kitty party on this theme. Recently one of our readers Aparna Gupta shared this interesting kitty party theme games and ideas with us, which I can’t resist sharing with my readers worldwide.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Baba ji ki thullu tambola ticket

This is something very interesting and innovative. Aparna made this wonderful Baba ji ka thullu tambola ticket which suits best to the theme. kapil sharma tambola ticket

This Baba Ji Ka Thullu tambola ticket can have the dividends like

  • Baba hi ki chashma
  • Baba ji ki dadhi
  • Baba ji ke haath
  • Baba ji ki chaati
  • and full house as Baba ji ka thullu

ou can draw this tambola ticket at your home or place your order with us, we will draw it for you.

Play One Minute Game

kapil sharma kitty party game

This game is based on Gutthi from the show. As the character in the show used to call out the names in pairs kapil-siddhu ji, siddhu ji- audience…same is the game.

You just need to make these sheets according to your kitty party strength and the challenge here is to write the correct pair names in one minute. The game starts with the host’s name that it…Aparna-Kitty, Kitty-Comedy and so on.


As we know the comedy show has all male actors playing the role of female characters, so here our host created the same thing in her game. It was her couple kitty and she made two different bags of male and female clothing. To play the game, all guests were made to sit in a circle playing passing the pillow game with music. When the  music stops, the guest with the pillow will take the opposite gender cloth from the bag and wear it. For example, men will wear female cloth items and women will wear male items. The game finishes when clothes in the bag are finished.

Kapil Sharma Tambola Ticketkkitty

This is a specially designed Kapil Sharma Show tambola ticket for the kitty party. The dividends are clear in the image above and the houses can be called as Baba ji ka thullu or I love Kapil Sharma.


  1. Hi Shiwangi … I m planning to keep KAPIL SHARMA COMEDY SHOW theme for my kitty. Want to order Tambola tickets. Can u plz suggest more one minute game related to this theme. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello I too plan to keep the same theme. Pls share if u Hv played any other games with the same theme , give some idea for the invite


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