Kitty Party Theme Ideas : Jewelry Theme Kitty Party

kitty party theme ideas

Kitty Party Theme Ideas. Today I am going to share a very interesting and unique kitty party theme- Jewelry Theme Kitty Party . It is one of the simplest yet very entertaining kitty party theme ideas in my list. This is an ideal theme for an all ladies kitty party. Keep reading to know more about this interesting kitty party theme- 

Jewelry Kitty Party Theme Ideas

The Invitations for Jewelry Theme Kitty Party:

Send out the invitations in the form of a necklace, an ear ring or any other ornament, I leave that on your creativity.

The wordings can be–  “Rubies are red, Sapphires are blue, Here is an special invitation just for you. All the fashion Divas will be there, ensure your presence too.”kitty party theme ideas

Decoration and Dress Code for Jewelry Theme Kitty Party

Display the artificial jewelry items on the tables. Set up tables with black velvet material to bring out the beauty of the ornaments. Decorate around the base with loose flower petals or beads. You may display jewelry items in a tray or on central display board. Accent your trays and display boards with clear marbles or mirrors.  Ask your guests to come dressed in heavy saris and suits along with heavy jewelry.

Activities and Games for Jewelry Theme Kitty Party

Game-1 Popcorn Ornaments : This is a team game. Divide your guests in teams. Ask the guests to make jewelry from popcorn/newspaper/vegetables or beads and let one of the team members wear that jewelry and walk the ramp .Let the judges decide the winner . You may also ask your guests to choose a member and make her a fashion diva, bedecking her with all their ornaments.kitty party theme ideas
Game-2 Songs Of Jewelry: Put items like necklace, ear rings, anklets etc in a box. Ask the guests to put their hand in the box, pick up an object and sing a song related to that particular item.

Game-3 Trivia Fun :You may have the jewelry trivia quiz also. Ask questions like. 1. The lady with the maximum number of bangles. 2. The lady with the longest ear rings. 3. The Gentleman with maximum number of rings. 4. The Gentleman with a bracelet.

Kitty Party Theme Ideas For The Menu on Jewelry Theme Kitty Party

Serve bite-size goodies that are easy to eat while mingling with other party guests. Having the dishes with vegetables cut in round shape is a good idea. For dessert, treat the guests with, ring pops, candy necklaces and diamond-shaped chocolates.


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