Kitty Party Game with Bangles

Kitty Party Game with Bangles

e played this game in the Teej Celebration of our ladies lions club. While we played it as a team game, you can play it as a couple game too.

Kitty Party Game with BanglesKitty Party Game with Bangles

Things required

  • Blowing toys
  • Bangles

How to play this Kitty Party Game with BanglesKitty Party Game with Bangles

  • Make teams or couples according to the strength of your kitty party.
  • One member out of the team has to blow the toy and hold it as longer as she can.
  • Other members of the team will have to run and take the bangles from a table kept at a distance and put the bangles in the toy.
  • This is a one minute game and the team has to put maximum bangles in one minute.
  • If the member holding the toy fails to hold the toy the team gets disqualified.

If you are playing this one minute game in your couple kitty party, make the husband hold the toy and ask the wife to run, bring bangles and put it in the toy.

This is a very funny game and we had a great time playing this game in our club party. Being more than 60 in strength we had teams. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party. Jut divide the kids into teams or pairs and have fun with the blowing toy and bangles.

Being a kitty party game with bangles, this game suits most of the Indian festivals, especially Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali and more. Hope the game is clear to you all, do leave your comment below if you have any doubt regarding this game. Also, check my other Kitty party games with bangles. 




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