Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table : GoPong Pool Pong Table


Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table . If you are planning a pool party this summers, you must buy a Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table . Playing beer pong game is one of the best and most entertaining game for the adult’s pool theme party. 

Inflatable Floating Beer Pong TableInflatable Floating Beer Pong Table

Go Pong’s Pool Pong Table is designed to provide a quality full size floating beer pong table at the most economical price possible. The table can be inflated by mouth or by pump and includes full 10 cup beer pong on each side. The set is retail boxed and also includes 3 Pong Balls and Rules so it makes a great gift. This is a must have for spring break or summer pool parties.

Manufacturer’s claim that they do the inflation test and quality check all rafts before they are packaged, but rarely a bad unit will still slip through. If this happens, they will immediately send a replacement or issue a refund as customer service is their top priority. The Party Barge can also be used as a floating tanning lounge if you’re ever able to get it all to yourself .

inflatable floating beer pong table

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Features of Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table

  • 6ft Floating Beer Pong Table with 3 Pong Balls
  • Full 10 Cup Beer Pong on Each Side
  • Bright Neon Green Design
  • Inflates quickly by pump (not included) or mouth



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