Indoor Activities For Toddlers

indoor activities for toddlers KGO

Here are best 5 indoor activities for toddlers which can keep them busy for quite some time. Indoor activities are best to have on hand for toddlers and especially in rainy season and hot afternoons when you can’t take them out to play.

There are plenty of indoor activities ideas for kids but if you have toddlers at home, make sure you select the right ones because they get antsy and always need some extra attention.

Indoor Activities For Toddlers

indoor activities for toddlers KGO

  • String the cereals- Toddlers love to string cereal into thread and making the colourful edible cereal necklaces. This activty will keep them busy for quite long. Making string and eating in between will make them happy for sure.
  • Sponge Water Race-Give your tiny tot two bowls and add some water in one of them. Give him a piece of sponge and ask him/her to transfer the water from one bowl to other using sponge piece. This is one of the favourite indoor activities for toddlers.
  • Seperation anxiety- give a bunch of colored candies to your darling baby and ask her/him to seprate them colourwise. Give separate bowls for each colour, and let your baby enjoy seperating them and eating them in between.
  • Finger Painting-Get some corn syrup and a few drops of colours. Make 3-4 different colours using the corn syrup and give your tiny tot a poster board to pain upon using his tiny finger. You can also give them some vegies like lady finger of potato to pain from.
  • Straws in basket- Give your toddles many straw pipes and a basket with holes. Let him try covering each hole with a straw pipe. This is one of the most time consuming and interesting indoor activities for toddlers.

Do try these indoor activities for toddlers when you can’t let them go out to play and have to entertain them in the house. Do let me know how you liked my ideas.


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