Independence Day Theme Kitty Party : Best Theme For The Month Of August


August is the month of festivals in India which brings many festivals like Raksha-bandhan, Janamashtami, Teej and most importantly our national festival Independence Day.

If you have a kitty party this month and looking for good theme, Independence Day celebration would be a great idea. Independence Day Theme Kitty Party will bring a joy of patriotism in the kitty party.

Independence Day Theme Kitty Party

After many requests and messages from my readers I am posting some of the games which I think can suit best for an Independence Day Theme Kitty Party. As you know all my theme games are based on teams so first of all make two or three teams according to the strength of your kitty party. If you are making three teams you can keep the names as White, Saffron and Green.

Many offices and clubs celebrate the Independence Day and these games will fit the best for any level of celebration. You can arrange these games also for the Independence Day celebration of your office.

Dress-code for Independence theme game

The dress code for this day is pretty obvious. You can ask the members to come in tri-color dress for this special themed kitty party. Ladies can wear white suit with tri color duppattas and gents can come in same white kurta pyjama and tri-color stoles.

Games for Independence Day Theme Kitty Party

Paper party game: Write the festivals of India

This might sound a bit common and easy game but trust me this suits best to the theme of Independence Day for your kitty party. In this game you can distribute plane papers to all the teams you have made they will get one minute time to write all the Indian festivals. The team writing the maximum number of festivals in one minute will win this one minute paper party game.

Guess the movies: One minute paper party game

For this game you can arrange some pictures of Hindi movies based on patriotism and paste the pictures on a paper. Make 2/3 copies of this paper and give this paper to each team. As this is again a one minute game they have to guess the songs in one minute and write the answer. The team writing maximum answers will win this Independence theme kitty party game.

Tie a flag: One minute party game

This is a play game and for this you have to call two members from a team. It would be better and convenient to call one team at a time. Call two members and give them satin ribbons of three colors white, saffron and green. It is again a one minute party game and as the time starts one member will start tying the ribbons to other member’s hands. The rule of this game is that they can tie the ribbon only in correct order of flag – Saffron ribbon, white ribbon and then green ribbon. This will make one set. They can use both hands. The teams tying maximum number of flag sets will win the point for this Independence theme game.

Write the states: Fill in the map

This might sound a bit kidding but again it goes well with the theme. Give the political maps of India to the teams and they will get one minute to fill in states. The team filling maximum right states will win the point for this game.

Patriotic Melody

No theme party can be complete without music and thus we can keep one songs game in the Independence theme kitty party. In this game give 1 minute to each team and they have to sing the patriotic songs. The songs could be from films or private albums. The rule of this game is that the members have to sing at least one complete stanza of the song. The team singing maximum number of the songs will win the point for this Independence theme game.

Match the slogans

We have many great Indian leaders and all of them have their own slogans. Making a paper party game of these slogans will suit best for the Independence theme kitty party. You can make two columns and write slogans in one column and leader’s names in other column. The teams will get one minute to match the slogan with correct leader. Team with maximum right entries will win this game.

Make a collage

For this game you can take many paper cuttings on different social issues in our country like women security, female infanticide, corruption, dowry, human trafficking, illiteracy etc. There are many more issues rather. Now what the game is that the teams will make a meaningful collage out of these paper cuttings. You have to collect as many as paper cuttings for this game. Call two members from each game and this time call them all-together. All six members will now stand around a table where you will keep these paper cuttings. Give a chart paper to each team and glue. They will get one minute to make a meaningful collage on any single social issue. The team which makes the best collage in one minute will win this Independence theme kitty party game.




  1. i want some more playing games for ladies for kitty little bit masti also some nvs also for the games i would b great if u could send some more ideas for independence day theme laddies kitty and also low buget party
    ne ways thanx for these ideas also

    • Dear Shiwangi I loved the ideas for this theme as i wanted the only thing is i want little adult games full of masti related to this theme i would be thankful if u help me out but plz be littlr quick to ans as my kitty is on 10 of this mont and thanx for the cooperation

          • Thnq Akshita…I am glad that my games made your kitty party a hit. Pls send over the pictures of your kitty party (If any) and I will upload them here on Kitty Groups. It is an online Kitty Party for all ladies and let’s make this groups big and very big. 🙂

  2. hii shiwangi …. thankss for such a lovely ideas ..really it is very useful for us… we havw one group of ladies Manswini related to maheshawari ..we celebrate all festivals.
    plz if possible related to holi and gangaur festivals games and tambola theme arrange

    • Hello Rekha..such lovely comments always boost my moral to share more of such creative and unique kitty party ideas and games. Nice to know that your group celebrate all the festivals. Our festivals only keep Indian culture alive. You can check out the category of Holi Party Games AND Holi Tambola Games for such meetings. Hope you like them.

  3. Hi shiwangi nice to read ur new post . It will be a great help from ur side. But if possible suggest some games without using water bcuz v all frens believe in herbal holi concept. Plz help me out my kitty is on 9 march so it’s quite urgent. Hope to get more from u soon. Thanks again.

    • Hey Meenakshi thats really nice that you and your friends believe in herbal holi concept. I am mailing you the links of some holi theme games which you can play in a restaurant or inside your house. Do let me know if you need any more help.

  4. Hi shiwangi thanks for ur efforts. I have gone through all t links but I know I’m sounding bit fussy but I’m looking for new games on holi with use of colours or something nice n different. To b honest with you I myself don’t know what exactly I’m looking for but something interesting n different from t above links. Plz help me

  5. Independence Day.. !!!
    1. 3 Lines: Upper Ticket
    Saffron – Vande Matram
    White – SatyaMev Jayate
    Green – Jay Hind, Jay Hind
    2. 4 Blocks: Lower Ticket
    F (2) – Jaha Daal Daal Pe Sone Ki Chidia Karti h Basera, Wo Bharat Desh
    L (2) – Aao Bachon Tumhe Dikhae, Jhanki Hindustan Ki
    A (2) – Ab Ke Baras Tumhe Dharti Ki Raani Kar Denge, Ab Ke Baras
    G (3) – Nanha Munna Rahi Hu, Desh Ka Sipahi hu, Bolo Mere Sang Jay Hind
    3. India v/s British- Dushman Ke Chakke Chudha De Hum, India Waale
    4. 15 – 08 – 1947 – Mere Desh Ki Dharti Sona Ugle,Ugle Heere Moti
    5. Early 7 soldiers – Suno Gour Se Duniya Walon Jitna Bhi Tum Zor
    6. 4 Kone Chit – Yeh Desh h Veer Jawano Ka, Albelo ka Mastano ka
    7. Chakra – Chak De India
    8. Double Number – Maa Tujhe Salaam
    9. Upper House (Rajya Sabha) – Desh Rangeela Rangeela, Desh Mera
    10. Lower House (Lok Sabha) – I Love my India, Yeh Mera India, Pyaara
    11. Full House (Parliament) – Saare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara, Humara


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