Ice breakers : Facts and Fakes

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This is one of the most funny icebreaker games especially for the small groups. You can arrange this funny and exciting game also in any of your gatherings may it be a small office party or some social gathering with a few of your friends.

Icebreaker games for Small Groups

In this icebreaker game you need to give an index card to each player and they have to write three things about themselves. Two out of those three things must be true and one must be fake.

For example I write –

  • I never kissed anyone except my partner.
  • I love drinking vodka.
  • I am a good cook.

Now after every player is done by writing their three things, they will read them aloud one by one and other players will guess which of the three things is fake and which two are the facts.

This is one of the best and most interesting icebreaker games and brings great fun in the small group parties.



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