How To Make Kanji Vada


Perfect Welcome Drink For Kitty Party

Kanji Wada is a sour party drink which is very popular throughout India. It is best served chill and tastes great. It is very spicy and sour in taste and will rise up the taste buds of your guests and they will enjoy the main course in your Kitty Party. It is very easy to make at home and trust me your Kitty Members will love it. 

Read More To Know How To Make Kanji Wada as Kitty Party Drink.


  • Urad dal–1 kg
  • Hing- a pinch
  • Salt 3 tbsps
  • Mustard seeds (Rai)– 4 tbsps (finely ground)
  • Red chillies– 2 tbsps (pounded)
  • Water– 6 jugs
  • Oil

How to make kanji –

  • The sour water (kanji) is made at least 3-4 days before. To make it heat a pan and roast the hing a bit. Take a bog earthen pot and keep it upside down on the pan to insert the aroma of hing in it. Add the water, gronded mustard seeds, chili powder, and salt. Keep it in bright sunlight for 3-4 days. Cover the pot with a neat muslin cloth. After 3-4 days the kanji is ready. Now put the vada into it. Keep it for 5-6 hours and then serve.

How to make vada

  • Soak the urad dal for the whole night. Make a fine paste out of it in the morning. Keep the batter as consistent as we do for the cake. Whisk it well till it is fluffy.
  • Make small balls with the batter and leave it in the hot oil to fry. Keep the flame simmer and fry them till they are brown.



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