How to grow nails faster


Strong and long nails indeed increase your style quotient. We women often ignore the nails when it comes to our body care which is wrong. There is only one way to get the stronger and longer nails, and that is the proper care. You need to take good care of your nails if you wanna make them look stylish. No nail paint can make your hands look good if your nails are not healthy and strong. In fact, even the shorter nails look good when they are healthy, so it is rather important to make them stronger.

In this post, I will be sharing some tips of growing your nails faster.

How to grow nails faster

Get Regular Manicures

Manicures help to remove the dry cuticles and rough edges also exfoliate the nails which are very important for their growth. Also, make sure that you are getting it done from some good salon which uses good products. Although you can buy the manicure kits and do it at your home as well.

Hydrate your cuticles

The healthy cuticle is the utmost important thing if you want the longer and stronger nails, so you first take care of your cuticles. As per the doctors, cuticles are both seal and the barriers for your nails, so keep them hydrated and away from infections always. Use some good moisturizing cream to massage your nails and the cuticles. Vaseline or Coconut Oil is the best options. There are also some good nail and cuticle oils available online which help you get the stronger and longer nails. Never cut your cuticles, push them slightly while massaging.

Always apply the base coat

A good quality base coat will leave your nails stronger and healthier. It will give your manicure game a boost and make your nails plump and perfect. The base coats usually have ceremide and peptides which fortify the nails and help them grow.

File Properly

Keep your nails length according to your day-to-day life. Keep filing them regularly and properly. Improper nail filing can make your nails weaker and also break them. Use a fine-grit file, start on the outside edge and pull towards the center—then continue to gently swipe across your nail in that one direction. Don’t saw the file back and forth, which creates too much friction and gives you frayed edges that catch and snag easily.




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