Himalaya – A much-needed companion for a mother


Motherhood is the best gift of God to a woman and when a woman becomes a mother, she completely gets
involved in her baby and baby care. She wishes nothing but the best for her baby, right from the nappies to
baby powder, baby food to baby oil, and everything else.

Himalaya has been the pioneer in baby care products and the first name that comes to our mind when you
talk about baby care is Himalaya. Their products are Ayurvedic formulations that contain 100% pure herbal
actives and are gentle to your baby’s skin. They have recently launched a new range of mother care
products because like the baby, every mother deserves the best.

Here are a few of their new products –
Himalaya Nursing Care, Intimate Wash, Himalaya Body Butter, etc.

Himalaya intimate wash

It is very important for every mother to take care of herself, especially after the delivery of a baby.
Pregnancy and delivery both bring a lot of changes to the mother's body and thus it is very important to

take good care by choosing the right food, right exercise, right products, etc. and thankfully Himalaya is
there for each one of us when we need the right products.

The new range of Mother Care Products from Himalaya

Himalaya For Moms Intimate Wash

Pregnancy brings hormonal changes in the body which further leads to vaginal discharge, itching in the
genitals, urine infection, etc. It is very important to keep the genital area clean and maintain the pH balance
during and post pregnancy. Normally we wash our intimate area with a soap which increases the pH level
and may lead to these issues.

Himalaya Intimate Wash is specifically formulated for women to cleanse the intimate area, maintain the
pH balance which indeed helps you keep the genital area healthy and fresh all day long.
The herbal ingredients used in the intimate wash are Tea Tree Oil and Pongamia Oil which are both herbal
and leave no side effect. While tea tree oil helps to soothe the itching, if any, the Pongamia oil comes with
antifungal property which prevents any kind of odor.

How to wash your intimate area

Take some quantity of the intimate wash in your hand and apply it to the genital area and rub gently and
rinse with clean water. Use it twice a day in case of excess vaginal discharge or bad odor.

Himalaya For Moms Soothing Body Butter

Among various changes, skin dryness is also an issue during the postpartum period. To maintain the glow
of your skin, it is very important to moisturize it regularly. Himalaya For Moms Soothing Body Butter
intensively moisturizes and nourishes your skin and makes it look soft, supple and soothing.

It is made with cocoa butter, which is rich in antioxidants and helps keep your skin hydrated. It also
contains Vitamin E which protects your skin from any kind of irritation. Himalaya Soothing Body Butter
comes in three amazing variants – Rose, Lavender, and Jasmine. Keeping the sensitivity of an expecting
mum in mind, Himalaya has kept the fragrance mild and soothing.

Himalaya Nipple Care Butter

Under the range of Nursing Care, Himalaya brings you the nipple care butter and nursing wipes. During
and post pregnancy, due to the hormonal changes in the body, the nipples get sore, dry and cracked in
some cases which indeed is very painful. Himalaya has a solution for this too – Nipple Care Butter. The
product is a herbal formulation and contains 100% pure oils. A few of the key ingredients are virgin coconut
oil and kokum butter. It is best suitable for both lactating and expecting mothers.

How to use Himalaya Nipple Care Butter

Just apply the butter on the nipple and adjoining area and massage gently. It is recommended to clean the
nipples before breastfeeding, however, it is safe for lactating mothers. Do check out more of the baby care
and mother care products at the official Himalaya Store.


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