Holi Tambola Games : Interesting Tambola Tickets For Holi

holi tambola games

Holi Tambola Games. Its March and the best theme for kitty party this month is none other than Holi. Holi is celebrated by Indians worldwide and in India ladies prefer doing holi theme kitty parties in the month of March. As we all know that tambola is on of the most popular games played in ladies kitty party in India.

Today I am sharing some of the very interesting tambola ideas for holi theme kitty party. All these tickets are hand-made and are available for sale. If you want to buy any of these tambola tickets just leave a comment below in the comment box.

Holi Tambola Games

#1 – Tambola tickets in the shape of colorful buckets and pichkaris. These tambola tickets suits well with the holi theme kitty party. It would really be interesting to play holi tambola games with such attractive tambola tickets.

tambola for holi

#2- This tambola ticket has three dividends – balloons, pichkari and bucket. This also goes well with your holi theme kitty party. The tambola game will be played simply with ordinary tambola numbers and board.

tambola tickets for holi

#3- Pichkari tambola tickets. This is again a very attractive design of tambola ticket and also suits best with the holi theme kitty party. In this tambola tickets the numbers are written in simple way and you can keep the dividends according  to your game budget. holi theme tambola tickets

These holi tambola games are to be played with simple tambola board and numbers. You can add some fun to the tambola games by saying the numbers in interesting rhymes. Fill your buckets, load your Pichkaris and get ready to smash the colour filled balloons. This cute and colourful Bucket with Pichkari will set you in the Holi mood. If you are planning a holi theme kitty party this month you must pick lotto ticket this Holi season. 

These holi tambola games are available for sale and if you want to buy any of these tickets please leave your comments in the comment box below.


    • Hi Priya I am Neha Khanna i am staying in delhi n want to join a kitty group. can u help me to join any kitty group. thanks.

  1. How much does the holi tambola cost and how many days for courier to jodhpur Rajasthan.give your phone no as to contact.

  2. hi shiwangi i am impressed from your ideas. so please how much cost of 50 holi tambola tikets & how much time you take to deliever the tikets becoz my kitty on 14th march

    • Hey Renu I am glad that you liked my ideas. I am a big kitty party freak and love sharing my ideas and games. Feel free to share your ideas and games too. By the way mailed you the details of tambola tickets. Pls check and confirm your order.

  3. Hi shiwangi pls can u post the format of holi letter ur games r very interesting we r planning to hold a holi carnival and going to play games there

    • Thanks for such a lovely and appreciative comment Shivani. Mailed you the letter format and keep visiting for such interesting and new games and if possible do send me the pics of your holi carnival. Will upload them on website.

  4. hey hi shiwangi
    i want to buy holi tickets ( bucket & pichkari tickets )
    what is the cost n by what time u can deliver

  5. Hey I have a kitty this month I need to buy these disposable glass ticket with pickaries.. I am in rush.. Plez guide how I get u to buy these…

  6. Hi, I want to buy these tambola tickets. Please tell me t price and days in which you can deliver these.
    Thank you

  7. Hi, I want to buy these tambola tickets. Please tell me t price and days in which you can deliver these.


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