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Holi Games For Kitty Party – Your Own Water Balloon

holi party games with balloons

Holi Games For Kitty Party . Holi is all about colors, water, balloons and fun so when we are planning for some holi party games we have to include these items. Getting lots and lots of comments and emails of my readers for the holi party games. Though I do not have much in stock but I am trying to bring out some of the good and interesting holi party games here in my blog.


Holi Games For Kitty PartyHoli Games For Kitty Party

The Holi party game, I am sharing now will be played with the water balloons. In this game you will keep lots of water balloon on a table, you better arrange the balloons in count of guests in your party. Now as 5 members at a time and give them ball pens to write their own name on the water filled balloons. Remember that you have to give only the ball pens as they are a bit pointed and will burst the balloon. This is a one minute game and the members will get only one minute to write their names on the balloons.

If you have less time you can give one balloon to each member simultaneously and then the member who writes his/her names maximum times on a water balloon will win this holi party game.

Tie-Not Water Balloon Filler & Tying Tool
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Now, if you are worried how to fill so many water balloons, I have some solution for that too. Check this out. This is Tie-Not Water Balloon Filler & Tying Tool . This makes filling the water in balloons and tieing the knots very easy and quick. Holi Games For Kitty Party. This is a very useful tool and helps you blowing the balloons in your kid’s birthday parties or any of your kitty parties.


  1. Hello shiwangi pls tell me more fabulous holi games for couple kitty n whichcan Be played inside the hotel n all couples enjoy very much


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