Holi Games For Couples : Catch It If You Can

holi games for couples

Holi Games For Couples . This is again a water game and suits best in the category of holi games for couples. I have put this game into this category because you will need two people to play this game as a team. The image below says all but let me explain you the game a bit so that there is no confusion. The basic idea is to play the game between two people, mat it be a lady with a lady or a lady with a man or even two men can play this game.

Holi Games For Couples

holi games for couplesTo play this game in  your holi theme kitty party you might need a small bucket and many water balloons ready. One of the two players will hold a bucket on his/her head and the other member will try targeting the water balloons in the bucket. This is not as simple as it seems to be. Catching the water balloons in the bucket is very tricky and thus is is quite difficult to make points in this water game.

Well, you can call the couples turn by turn to play this game and if you have teams, you can call two members from a team to play this game. The couple making maximum balloons in the bucket will indeed be the winner of the game.



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