Hindi Kitty Party Game For Indian Ladies

hindi kitty party game for ladies

Here is yet another Hindi kitty party game for ladies. This is again a simple one minute paper party game best suitable for all age group of ladies. Ladies will get a minute to solve this riddle and win the prize.

Hindi Kitty Party Game for Ladieshindi kitty party game for ladies

Things required-

You just need the printouts of this game sheet above and a few pens for your fellow kitty members.

How to Play This Hindi Kitty Party Game

  • Give one sheet to every member in the kitty and explain the game.
  • Set the stopwatch to one minute timer and begin the game.
  • The lady who gives maximum correct answers in one minute will be the winner.

The only rule in this game is that the answers should contain only two Hindi letters – ‘ग’ & ‘न’। They can use the letters as many times as they want, no boundation on’मात्रा’ . They can also use the half letters like आधा न and ग.

Below are the answers for the game.

  • नगीना
  • नग
  • ग्न्ना
  • गन
  • गाना
  • नागा
  • नाग
  • ना
  • गगन
  • नानी, नाना
  • गिनना
  • गागा
  • गन
  • नग्न
  • नीना

Hope you enjoyed the game,

Happy Kittying 🙂


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