Funny Party Games – Guess and get


Funny party games . This again is a very funny game and could be played in teams, couple as well as individually. You need a few big boxes with a big opening for this game and many small things such as the rubber band, eraser, dice, egg, toothbrush, marble, cotton roll, foil paper, sugar lumps, tea bags, toys, clay etc.

Funny Party Game – perfect for couple kitty party

Call one couple at a time and blindfold either wife or husband, as per their choice. The spouse who is blindfolded will put the hand in the box and feel and guess the things kept in it and then tell the partner to write it on the given paper. The time limit is one minute and the couple who writes maximum right guesses wins the game. You can use as many products as you wish. Add some stones to confuse them.

This can be played as a ladies kitty party game as well as couple kitty game.


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