Glus Bra Extender: Extend Your Bra to 2 Inches approx

glus bra extender

Are you discarding your old bra because you have gained weight? Are you pregnant and can’t fit in your old bra. If the answers to this questions are yes, I have a perfect solution for your problems with bra. Glus Bra Extender, yes this is a nice accessory which will help you extend the bra and save it from getting discarded.

Glus Bra Extenderglus bra extender

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Product Description

Glus Bra extenders is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a a new bra just for the extra length. It gives you a little extra band length on your regular bras and are a real life saver of your loving bra if you gain weight or become pregnant . Prevents bra bands from digging into your back and resulting in visible fat . Ideal for adjusting your bra to allow it to grow with you , leaving plenty of room for your ribcage expansion . Ideal for extending half -a- size or hard to find bra sizes . Hook into the existing hook of your bra and add up to 1.75 inches to your band circumference .

  • Glus Bra Extender ,2-Eye ,Increase The Band Size Of Your Loving Bra ,Color-Beige Skin
  • Ideal To Increase The Band Length Of Your Loving Bra Approx. 1.75 Inches .
  • Must For You If You Gain Weight Or Become Pregnant .
  • Prevents Your Bra Band To Dig Into Your Skin And Show Visible Fat .
  • Material Composition : Polyamide .

The breast size often increases to 1-2 inches in pregnancy which of course gets back to the normal size after you deliver your bundle of joy, your baby :). So why to waste money in buying a new bra just for a few inches.

We know that in the bras today are not that cheap to be discarded for a few inches. Do order this bra extender and I am sure that you won’t need to buy a new one and who knows you get back into shape soon.




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