Funny Party Games For Men : Noodle Up The Penne Pasta


Funny Party Games For Men . This is a new and interesting game best suitable for any of your parties. Although I am keeping this game in the category of games for men but you can arrange this game even for ladies kitty party or even as a birthday party game for kids.

Funny Party Games For Men

Funny Party Games For Men

To play this game you need noodles and penne pastas. Call all the men in the playing area and give them one spaghetti noodle each. Now scatter many penne pastas on a table . The players have to pick the penne pasta from their noodle. A spaghetti can carry around 5 pastas. The player who manage to pick 5  pastas in noodle in one minute will be declared the winner of the game.

The game seems to be easy but is easier said than done. Before you arrange this game in your kitty party, try playing it at home first. I am sure you won’t be able to pick more than 2 pastas in one minute. The Spaghetti noodles are very delicate and breaks easily, thus the players have to careful while picking the pastas. Once the spaghetti breaks the player wont get another chance.

I hope I am clear with the game and if you have any doubts, you can always leave your comments below in the comment box. I am always here to clear all your doubts regarding any of the party games in my website. Funny Party Games For Men.


  1. Hi shiwangi , if suppose I have to planned my kitty party on holi theme will u plz suggest me something nice games related to holi as I’m not interested in water base game . Hope to c ur response.


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