Simple Yet Interesting Game For Toddlers

game for toddlers

Game for toddlers: Race to loose tooth is a nice, simple yet interesting game for toddlers. I came to know about this activity while browsing over the web. This little activity is actually inspired by a book “buddy’s teeth”. This simple counting game called Race to lose Teeth can keep your toddlers busy for quite a long. The activity is simple and little but you can set it in your toddler’s birthday party too.

Game For Toddlers: Race To Lose Tooth

To make your toddlers play this game you need mini marshmallows, small bowl or muffin cups, 2 pink paper, scissors and a dice. You can also user little erasers or buttons if you don’t get for toddlers

Cut the pink papers and make the shape as shown in the image above. Make such sheet one for each player. Using the black markers make small circles just like our mouth wide open. game for toddlers

Now place a marshmallow on each circle so that each kid starts the game with a full mouth of marshmallow “teeth”. Grab a dice and you are ready to play! Once each mouth is full of teeth, ask the kids to take turns rolling the dice.

When the child rolls the dice, the number he/she gets is how many teeth he loses. Then the child has to remove that many teeth from his board and keep it in the muffin cup. Then next child will roll the dice and the game goes on. The player who gets rid of all his teeth first will be the winner of this game for toddlers.

If you are thinking that the game will finish in very less time, let me tell you that you are wrong. When the player has only a few teeth left on his sheet, they need to roll on the exact number to remove all teeth. For example if a child’s sheet has only 4 teeth left on the sheet, he has to roll exact number to get out. This activity/ game for toddlers can keep them busy for quite a long and they would also love losing their teeth.  You can play this game with 2 or more toddlers.



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