Fun Games To Play At A Party

games to play at a party

Fun Games To Play At A Party : A party is one of the best ways to know more people, interact with them and to get more social. A party is all about celebrations and expressing the joy. We usually throw a party on certain occasions like a birthday, anniverasry, housewarming and much more but sometimes we party without any reason.

Throwing a party is about leaving all your worries behind and being amusing. It is always a great idea to add some interesting games to the party as it can bring some spark to the party spirit.

In this piece of writing we are sharing a few games for the couple parties.

Fun Games To Play At A Party

fun games to play at a party

Below is a collection of some nice and interesting games to play at a party. Some of these games are meant only for adults and are not at all suitable for kids.

Coconut Smoochie

Give a coconut to every couple in the party which has to be held between their forehead. Now the host will call out certain moves and couple has to follow those moves without dropping the coconut. The most commonly used moves are move a step behind, jump two steps ahead, move the coconut from forehead to your cheeks, move it down to your stomach etc. The couple last standing the coconut will be the winner of this game.

I Love You , Won’t you give me a smile

This is one of the  interesting and fun games to play at a party especially for  big groups. Although you can play this game with kids as well as teenagers but it is more fun when played with adults. Make everyone sit in a circle and the host couple will be seated in the middle. Now the couple in the middle will get up one by one and walk up to anyone from the circle and say, Honey, I love you, won’t you give me a smile? The person in the circle is expected to answer without smiling and say Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile (without smiling). The person in the circle loses if he/she smiles. The host can play all sorts of antics to make the player smile. Fun doubles when the male host goes to a female players and the female host to male player.

Don’t Cross Your Legs

This is again one of the latest and most interesting games to play at a party. It is suitable for all ages and so you can play it as a birthday party or even as a party game for adult. As the game starts, give everyone a napkin and as soon as you notice anyone crossing her/his legs, take their napkin. At the end of the party, the guest having maximum number of napkins will be the winner.

Unusual Hide and Seek

One of the best fun games to play at a party for kids. This is an unusual type of hide and seek game which can be played well in home or a big party venue. Devide your guests into teams for this game. Ask one member from each team to hide in a place and then ask others to find the hidden member. One who find the hidden member will hide with him/her and the game goes on. The team whose all members hide together will be the winner. If you have a small party hall, you can bring a twist. Instead of hiding the members, give them a pencil each and ask first member to hide the pencil, the member who finds the pencil will hide his/her pencil at the same place and the game goes on.

So if you are looking for interesting options of fun games to play at a party and spice it up look no further, try out these party games.




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