Sticky Situation: Funny Party Game

funny party game

If you are looking for a typical funny Party Game, try playing Sticky Situation. This is one of the most popular minute to win it games. The best thing about this game is that you do not need more items and also no homework. Best suitable for all kind of parties and all age groups, Sticky Situation is a nice game to have fun with friends. Peanut butter is very sticky in nature.

Funny Party Game With Peanut Butter

funny party game

In this challenge, the contestant must toss a ping pong ball and attempt to stick it on the piece of bread covered with the peanut butter. Get some pieces of bread and apply a coat of peanut butter on them. Place the bread on a table and call the player to the playing area. When the time starts, the player has to begin bouncing the ping pong balls towards the bread. He or she can bounce only one ball at a time.

You can give 5-10 chances to a player and he/she has  to try sticking the balls on the bread in one minute. Which means that they get only 60 seconds to win the challenge. Also make a prominent start line so that the players cannot cross it. Another rule of the game is that the player can throw one ball at a time.

This a nice and funny party game which needs a degree of skill and luck to win. To get more fun out of it, do create a fun atmosphere and also do some hooting while the players are trying to stick the ball onto the bread. Well set up of the game will definitely bring a fun and laughter quotient in your party. You can try playing this game in your Christmas party this year or even in a New Year Eve party. It is always fun to be with friends and when we have such funny party game to play, the fun quotient just doubles up.

Watch The Game Video Here


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